Films 2017

April 21-28th  Silicon Beach Film Festival 2017

The Promenade at Howard Hughes Center, 6081 Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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We are closing for submissions on Film Freeway! Here are some of the initial films that have been accepted into Silicon Beach Film Festival:

Distance Between Dreams

In Distance Between Dreams, the most historic year in big wave surfing comes to life through the eyes of iconic surfer Ian Walsh, as he sets mind and body in motion to redefine the upper limits of what’s considered ‘rideable.’ With massive El Niño powered swells building across the Pacific, Ian, Shaun, D.K. and Luke Walsh band together in the way only brothers can on a quest to progress surfing to unimaginable heights.

Big wave surfing’s transition from jet ski assists to paddling in raises the stakes, putting Walsh’s intense physical and mental training, the latest technology, swell modeling, and safety team, his brothers, to the ultimate test. Surfers John John Florence, Greg Long, Shane Dorian and more link up with Walsh as he rides an emotional rollercoaster through this momentous winter.

The second feature in Red Bull Media House’s The Unrideables franchise, Distance Between Dreams invites viewers right into the heart of the action with first person perspective, state-of-the-art cinematography, and captivating sound. Through unprecedented access, prepare to truly experience Walsh’s quest to survive and thrive in one of the most hostile environments on earth.

 All Nighter

 J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon in “Justice League,” he’ll do some investigating in the comedy “All Nighter.” The first trailer for the film introduces viewers to Simmon’s character Mr. Gallo, a globe-trotting businessman who goes in search of his missing daughter.

The clip begins with Simmons meeting his daughter Ginnie’s (Annaleigh Tipton) awkward boyfriend, Martin (Emile Hirsch), who plays the banjo and spills a drink all over him. Cut to six months later and he finds out Ginnie is missing after he visits her boyfriend’s place and discovers that she broke up with him. The story continues as the two go in search of her, forced to get along, but forming an unlikely friendship along the way.

From Footy to Verdi


Travel with his son, Co-Producer and Director of Photography, Eric Saarinen ASC, as he visits the sites of his father’s work on a cathartic journey, shot in 6K with the latest in drone technology that showcases the architect’s body of timeless work for the first time.


iBuddy 2.0

In a days-away future, a couple found being trapped by their addictions. One of them is their artificial intelligence companion.

IBUDDY TRAILER_264_540 from 90%BS, 100%COOL! Anthony fung on Vimeo.


When fragments of the past come to haunt him, a man’s chilling secret surfaces.

American Hikikomori

American Hikikomori is a short film that explores the emotional struggles of a Japanese teenager named Isamu Fujihara, when he moves to America.

American Hikikomori from Landis Stokes on Vimeo.

In Memory

In the year 2065, an elderly couple faces their destiny in a nation governed by the dual philosophy that no one should take more than they put in, and “compassion” means everyone should be assured of a life worth living, or…

Lee Meriwether and/or Max Gail may be attending the screening.

Black Eyed Susan

A woman is terrified by the return of a teenage boy.

Black Eyed Susan Trailer from blackeyedsusan on Vimeo.

Night Terrors

Night Terrors Trailer from David McAbee on Vimeo.

She makes the things that go bump in the night.

The Spirit In Architecture: John Lautner


Spaghetti Romance

Lost Girls

A former victim who is forced to lure young girls into sex trafficking is given an unexpected gift from a 15 year old she kidnaps. It taps into her lost faith and memory of her former self and gives her the courage to confront her inner demons and dangerous employers in order to break free from the cycle of victimization.


Detective Alice Clark and Detective Jane Wells are two women fighting crime in Los Angeles in the late 1940s. As some of the first female detectives in the LAPD, these women have challenges that go beyond the call of duty.

When the body of a young aspiring actor is found mutilated and dumped in the LA River, the two women go on the hunt for the killer.

Once the crime scene photos are leaked, every reporter in town wants a piece of the story and Alice and Jane find themselves under the microscope and under pressure to solve the crime.

As details come to the surface and witnesses show up claiming to have information on the case, the women soon find out there might be more at stake .


A young family journeys through the five stages of grief after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis

Hero of the Underworld

Dylan Berrick is the polished and skillful Overnight Manager of the Century Grand, one of the most classy and upscale hotels in the city. After a shocking night, when a woman named Holly is nearly beaten to death in the hotel by her boyfriend Davis, Dylan takes it upon himself to seek out Holly and become her savior, rescuing her from the drug underworld that he himself is familiar.


The Merry Maids of Madness

After walking out of her wedding for a sandwich, Beatrice decides to take a rest at the Stratford Home for Rest and Rehabilitation. Beatrice soon realizes that if she wants to get out, she’ll need a plan and the help of her unusual cohorts. A feature length comedy inspired by the women of Shakespeare.

The Merry Maids of Madness Trailer from Phillip Hughes on Vimeo.

The Life of Davie

An ordinary day turns extraordinary when high school student Davie discovers a book which allows him control his destiny.

Tulip Hill

In the dead of night  in 1876, two people are taken to jail; a nursemaid who will hang, and a 10 year old girl who doesn’t know what she’s done.

Never Surrender

Never Surrender is the story of Lt. Edwin P. Ramsey, who spent 3 years behind enemy lines in the Philippines against the Imperial Japanese Forces.  Lt. Ramsey is credited as leading the Last US Calvary Charge against the Japanese of WW 2.


PELL tells the inspiring story of Rhode Island Senator Claiborne Pell and his fight, against all odds, to give every student the opportunity to get a higher education regardless of their economic background.

 Girl of My Dreams

Girl of My Dreams official trailer from Johnny Wilson on Vimeo.

Edward Watson has been looking for something that can change his life. His challenge is to find what needs to change. Tonight he will search for answers in the most vast place anyone can explore, his own mind.



Nothing As It Seems


A young filmmaker confronts an aging movie star in a park claiming to be the

abortion she had 25 years earlier. Is NOTHING AS IT SEEMS?

Immaculate Misconception

The Immaculate Misconception – Trailer from Michael Geoghegan on Vimeo.


Faith is believing in something when everything tells you not to.


It’s a Rockabilly World

It’s a Rockabilly World – Sizzle Reel (Converted) from Brent Huff on Vimeo.

It’s a scene that makes invisible people visible. You might ask why Rockabilly. Well…. it’s damn fun, the music is thumping, the babes are beautiful and the hot-rod cars are bad ass. Simple as that.


Meet Jennifer Mason, Venice’s Newest Character

The Taste of Salt

It’s all up from here…when here is 223 feet below sea level.

A young man drives into the desert after his longtime girlfriend calls to break up with him. He seeks out the naturally occurring salt of the Salton Sea to cleanse his mind, body, and spirit. It is a solitary road trip to mend his broken heart at a geographic point as low as he feels.


A psychologically traumatized war photographer is locked in a desperate struggle to protect her secrets from her husband and escape her inevitable return to the Middle East.

John Lives Again

John needs to get his act together before he turns 30, and when he meets the elegant and professional Vanessa, he thinks he’s found the woman who will change his life.


After the Wine

The last journey of a broken man…

Kat VS Alison

The Noisy Men

We Know Not What We Do

We Know Not What We Do is an inspirational and creative call for a moral and spiritual shift in our thinking as to how we humans live on Planet Earth, or face extinction.

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart | Official Teaser from Inklings Creative on Vimeo.

In a world where people’s hearts are on the outside and exhibit the qualities of a pet, Mary loses her lovable Skip only to rediscover herself and learn what it truly means to “follow your heart.”


Two slackers embark on a relaxing getaway over the 4th of July weekend only to find the seclusion slowly chipping away at their sanity.


Josh has just passed on but has not left the memories of people who were in his life. As he repeats memories of his life he struggles to make sense of his place in the afterlife.

Time Remembered


In the vein of the Child’s Play movies and the classic “Talkie Tina” Twilight Zone, a lonely little girl finds a new BFF, Samantha, a life-like doll who mysteriously arrives on her doorstep and will do anything to protect her new best friend.


Two slackers get more than they bargained for when a stolen cooler lands them in the middle of an illegal organ deal


There’s a famous Susan Sontag quote: “Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality… One can’t possess reality, one can possess images — one can’t possess the present but one can possess the past.” This couple lives it.


Since Antoine, a travelling doctor, no longer takes the time to come and see her, Renée is convinced that she had been a bad mother.

 Fils (Son)

Your guilt will not let you go.

A Singularity

A Singularity Trailer from K Ryde on Vimeo.

A philosophical hit man unravels on the job and reaches a singular moment of discovery.


Ted Montgomery finds himself blindfolded and tied to a chair in a dark room. Just as he is trying to recollect his memory, an familiar voice threatens him to get a secret code. Who kidnapped Ted, and why does he want this code so badly? Find out in “Play-Time!”

A Conflict Within

Anirban the protagonist very unwittingly pose a question before us, is he the sole cause for being trapped in his own world or there is more to it?
Antardwanda(A conflict within)not only explore’s this very concept but delves deep into his psyche that calls for serious introspection.

Life is Horrible

Life is Horrible is a horror comedy on ordinary folks who suddenly found themselves in extraordinary, usually supernatural, situations. The stories would typically end with an ironic twist.


Washed-up novelist Wesley Crane scores a new success: a masterpiece, ghostwritten by Satan himself, the price for Wesley’s recovered glory is an extended contract as Lucifer’s GhostWriter in residence.

Top Son

Top Son Short Film Teaser Trailer from Joseph Puleo on Vimeo.

Mike Giavotella is a 30 year old Tom Cruise impersonator who still lives at home in his parents basement. When he learns of a local talent competition, he sees it as his opportunity to hit the big stage.

Massive Sonata

Massive Sonata Trailer from Andras Ostrom on Vimeo.

An 18th century pianist finds himself in the modern world, where he faces his fears, phantoms and many obstacles in the search for the girl from his dreams.


The Inuring

A bullied teenage girl finally confronts her sister to drag their fractured past out into the light.

The Velvet Abstract

A Short Film About the Environmental Age Set Against a Plethora of CG, Illustrations, and Animations from a Team Spanning Six Continents.

Until the End of the World

Jusqu’à la fin du Monde TEASER from Benjamin SEBIRE on Vimeo.

In a field, a man wakes up attached, gagged and handcuffed to a suitcase. He does not know how he arrived there. He tries to release itself, in vain. A vehicle arrives far off and stops at its level… His survival is uncertain…


Shiver Teaser Trailer from Damian Overton on Vimeo.

“In the darkness of the night Riley returns to the broke down and desolate part of the city he once inhabited. Riley, a young drifter, searches for a new future among the violent and unforgiving ruins of the past.”

Run Across Cuba

Run Across Cuba Documentary Trailer from Explica Media on Vimeo.

An inspiring story about hope, courage, & freedom. Alexis Garcia returns to Cuba to run across the Island & shine a light on the power of the Cuban spirit.