We congratulate all the filmmakers for participating in this years Los Angeles Film Festival.

2018 Los Angeles Winners





MIA A Greater EvilValentina Best Director


Darcy Best YA Film ZOO Best Screenplay Laurel


The Longest Night LaurelHappenstance Film Laurel


Evils of a Foster Child Secret Santa Laurel


The Night I Died Laurel Cracking Aces Laurel


Mable Mable Tiger Trainer Laurel Broke The Santa Barbara Oil Pipeline Spill of 2015 Laurel


My Life With Rosie Laurel Generation Zapped Laurel


Middleton Madness Laurel Return to Zanskar Laurel


Bills Records Laurel Jamie and the Tamales Laurel


Soma Laurel Undocumented Laurel


After The Storm Laurel Vahene Te Mona Girl in The Sea Laurel


The Last Doll Lady LaurelPatron Saint Laurel


Lost and Found Laurel Three Chen Sisters Laurel


Excuse Film Laurel The Spirit Room Laurel


Bob Laurel Plunder Laurel


The Moustache Laurel 88 Cents Laurel


War Dog Short Film John PoseyStay Woke Laurel


The Untold Story of Romeo and Juliet Laurel Secret Award Laurel


The Great Wall of Vicky Lynn Laurel There Was To Be Peace Laurel


Solus Laurel Sea Monsters Award Laurel


Good Business Sense LaurelSoldier Laurel


The Babies Laurel Life in Color Laurel


Rolling in The Deep Laurel Like Last Night Ren Hanami Laurel Award


Like Father Laurel Color of Me Laurel


Popcorn and Chocolate Laurel Tricked Laurel


Reap Laurel Uber Shock Laurel


Silent Love Stories Laurel The Snake Laurel


Nena and Dave Stewart Laurel Question 50 Laurel


Vanilla Milkshake Laurel Chokehold Laurel


Thank you to all of the talented filmmakers that were a part of this year’s festival!  And a special thank you to all of our sponsors, who help make this event happen!